What companies does Oaktree Capital own?

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Current Portfolio Companies

  • Agro Merchants.
  • Australian Alternative Asset Partners.
  • Boardriders.
  • Caerus Oil and Gas LLC.
  • Conbipel.
  • Crossroads Building Supply.
  • Dayco.
  • Floatel International Ltd.


Special Situations Portfolio Companies – Oaktree Capital

www.oaktreecapital.com › strategies › private-equity

www.oaktreecapital.com › strategies › private-equity

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Keeping this in view, who bought Oaktree?

agreed to buy a majority stake in Oaktree Capital Group, a combination that would rival Blackstone Group as the world’s largest alternative money manager. Brookfield will acquire a 62% stake in Oaktree in a cash and stock deal worth roughly $4.7 billion, the companies said Wednesday in a statement.

Subsequently, question is, how do you invest in distressed debt?

Distressed debt investing entails buying the bonds of firms that have already filed for bankruptcy or are likely to do so. Companies that have taken on too much debt are often prime targets. The aim is to become a creditor of the company by purchasing its bonds at a low price.

Are high yield bonds a good investment now?

Highyield bonds offer higher long-term returns than investment-grade bonds, better bankruptcy protections than stocks, and portfolio diversification benefits. Highyield bonds face higher default rates and more volatility than investment-grade bonds, and they have more interest rate risk than stocks.

Why did Brookfield buy Oaktree?

The decision by Oaktree, led by distressed debt investor Howard Marks, to sell a majority stake of itself comes after a sustained period in which its stock has underperformed the broader market. The combined businesses will have about $475 billion of assets under management, including debt, Brookfield said.

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