Take This Quiz to See How Well You Did Financially in 2021

As 2022 gets off to a running start, it might be a great time to reset your financial goals and habits. 

But before you decide how you’re going to adjust your finances in the new year, it might be a good idea to look back on how you handled your money in 2021. Did you budget? Invest? Save? Take Stash’s quiz to see if you followed The Stash Way® in 2021: 

Did you create a budget in 2021?

Of course No, I didn’t get around to it.

Did you stick to your budget in 2021?

Yes! For the most part, I followed my budget. No, I fell off the wagon with my budget.

Were you able to establish or maintain a rainy day fund ($500 to $1,000) in 2021?

Yes, I’m set up for a rainy day. No, I still need to work on that.

How about an emergency fund (three to six months worth of expenses)?

Yep, I have an emergency fund to lean on should something happen. No, I don’t have three to six months worth of savings in case of an emergency.

In 2021, did you pay your bills on time and in full?

Yes! I’m looking forward to a healthy credit score in 2022. No, I didn’t exactly stay on top of my bills all year.

Did you pay down your debt (like student loan debt or a mortgage) last year?

Yes, I made a significant dent in my debt last year. No, I’m entering 2022 with more debt than I’d like.

How did you do with retirement savings in 2021?

I regularly put money away into one or more retirement accounts. I didn’t put away money into a retirement account.

Did you invest regularly throughout the year?

Yeah, I invested regularly, even if it was just a little bit at a time. No, I didn’t stick to a schedule when it came to investing.

How well did you diversify your portfolio in 2021?

I was pretty good about diversifying! I made sure to spread my investments across industries, regions, and/or assets. I could have been better about diversifying my portfolio last year.

Did you get the insurance coverage you need in 2021?

Yes, I’m protected with insurance coverage, such as life insurance, health insurance, home or renters insurance, and others. No, I still need to make sure I’m covered with insurance.

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